Real Money Talk: What to do When Budgets Fail

by | Oct 21, 2022

Financial struggles can come from all angles, and falling off of a pre-structured plan is a pretty common reason. I don’t teach broken budgets for this reason. In my world, most people don’t succeed by following a strict plan, and most people don’t succeed financially by simply implementing a one-size-fits-all budget. If it were that easy, there would be no issues. Sometimes, plans don’t work, and you’re left wondering what to do when budgets fail. Can you relate? 

I love my job because it gives me the chance to connect with women everywhere about their financial dreams, and all the unconventional ways they can accomplish those dreams. I even have dear friends that I love to talk money with – and one of those is Gail Swift, whose story will absolutely inspire you. If you’ve ever wondered how to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel financially, Gail’s perspective can shed some light. 

With Real Money, we are sharing real stories of women who are tackling their most difficult financial challenges. It’s not all rosy and peach-colored. My guests are real women who’ve experienced financial challenges and financial successes. They are incredible! You can listen every Monday at 10 AM on Voice America Business Channel here

Talking brain-wired strength with Gail Swift 

In this episode, Gail shares her story about how she and her husband worked through financial secrets and a household budget that bled more than $50,000 before she even knew what was happening. 

Financial struggles can hit you like a trainwreck, and this is why I think Gail’s story is so important and inspirational. This is what can happen when budgets fail. But changing your financial situation is possible, no matter how dire it may seem. By recognizing the part that she played (instead of playing the victim), holding each other accountable, and taking strategic action, they figured out a successful way forward. Her story is a perfect example of how we can make a difference once we get to work. Leaning into who you really are means learning your strengths, digging into your beliefs, and working with the flow instead of against it. Your brain-wired strength is your own superpower! 

We need systems to make financial decision-making easy, and in order to thrive, we need honest communication, trustworthy friends (and information!), community, and a safe place to fall apart and put ourselves back together. This podcast is about why budgets (and relationships) fail, and how you can get on your path to fixing your own financial breakdowns. 

Gail’s new shifts included taking on lifestyle and behavior changes to create a new sequence of events. Her biggest lesson? Finances are a direct reflection of what’s going on on the inside. Timing-wise, when you’re ready to take a look under the covers, you’ll start to see some differences in what’s happening with your money. Look at your relationship with time – how you spend your time is also reflected in what you’re seeing in the bank. 

Today, Gail is on a mission to help young people learn how to thrive using their unique brain-wired strength. Who you are and how you’re wired have everything to do with your ability to succeed with money, and in life! Listen to the full episode with Gail right here

You’re not alone, and finding support is a key part of success 

No matter what you have in the bank or what your struggles look like, there are plenty of people who can relate. Finding your community is the game-changing element. Gail and her husband weren’t doing it alone, there was lots of support around them to help them make it all work even when budgets fail. And that’s really the biggest part of why it worked out. They got support! If you’re ready to start facing your biggest financial failures, let’s talk.

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