About Lisa Chastain

Hi, I’m Lisa – and I am here for YOU!

Money coach, mentor, and unshakeable optimist committed to helping savvy women just like you get your $hit together. I’m ON A MISSION to support women in becoming the financial leaders of their lives by teaching how to break through limited money beliefs and make savvy money moves in order to live their best lives.

Here’s How I Can Help You Get Your $hit Together

I’ve been empowering women for over 20 years. I’ve worked as an academic advisor in higher education, Financial Advisor for high net worth individuals, and today I’m a money coach for women looking to get their financial lives together. What makes me qualified to help women like you is not my work experience. I’ve had to learn how to get my own financial life together after almost losing everything.  Over the past decade I’ve learned for myself what it really takes to make dreams come true, and it is not like Instagram would like you to believe it is (no beaches or unicorns here). It’s with my trained industry knowledge and personal experiences that I am helping my clients learn how to save, get out of debt, start investing and take steps toward their own dream lives.

It wasn’t until I nearly went broke and lost everything that I had no choice as a financial advisor to make some much needed mindset and financial changes in my life.  Even as a financial advisor there were things about money that I had never really understood or been taught simply enough to be able to have the kind of financial life that I wanted.  I’m a blue collared girl.  I don’t aspire to have a mansion or drive a Ferrari, I wanted simple things (like so many of the women I work with) like savings, and money working toward retirement with safety and security so that my son could also feel safe, secure and that he didn’t have to stress about money like I did growing up.

I officially left my firm as a financial advisor in 2016 because I realized that I could make a difference for women as a Personal Finance Coach.  As soon as I made the change I knew I was in the right lane, and my business took off.  But my financial struggles were real. From being at the top of my game in 2011 to burning through $100,000 to start my own business, I had to reinvent myself through financial failure and divorce. It’s the simple strategies and tools that I learned along the way that helped me get my $hit together.

And I want to be able to support YOU in creating whatever it is you want in your life – without feeling like you’re on an island or that you’re being asked to work in stuffy and rigid budgets and give everything up to have what you want.

Today, you can see me on CNBC, NBC News, MSN Money, O – The Oprah Magazine, Fortune, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and more. I am a best selling author and the host of the Real Money radio show on VoiceAmerica. Learning how to handle my own personal financial struggles helped me discover how to live my best life, free from money stress and worry – that’s how I know I can help you, too.

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