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I am so glad you’re here! If you’re stressing about money, embarrassed because you feel financially illiterate, or worried about your financial future, you’re not alone—and you don’t have to feel stuck. I’ve been there and so have countless women just like you and me. In 2016, I was going broke, staring down a mountain of debt, a failing marriage, and a failing business. I had to climb back from the bottom and my financial struggles taught me how to face my money, my choices, and how to make better financial decisions that work. 

I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I knew that I had to take new steps and find new systems in order to achieve new results. With the right tools, systems, and support, you can transform not just your money, but your mindset and your whole future! My goal in life is to help passionate and successful women just like you  shed the shame and guilt around their finances by rewiring how they think about money and using a strategic financial framework that’s focused around healthy spending instead of restricted budgeting.

The beauty of my money coaching programs is that you no longer have to face your finances alone. The days of living in money fear, unsure of where to ask for advice and support, are over! I have an entire community of women who are working through their financial journeys together, and I want you to join! It’s time to STOP STRESSING about money so that you can START LIVING again! 


Lisa Chastain

You don’t have to do it alone. STOP STRESSING so that you can START LIVING again!


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If you really want to save more and enjoy your life, you have to STOP BUDGETING!

Why isn’t budgeting working?

Let me explain: The more you budget, the less money you’ll have in your future. It may seem counterintuitive, but all of that restrictive thinking you’re applying to your money is what’s actually keeping you from growing your wealth and gaining freedom from it. Just like a diet, the more you restrict, the more you’ll end up binging. Most people create budgets in order to control their spending impulses in hopes of creating more savings. But if you really want to save more and enjoy your life, you have to Stop Budgeting!

Instead of denying yourself the joy of being a free adult, Lisa Chastain will teach you how to make room for fun, funds, and future by splitting up your money and prioritizing healthy spending — all while building up your savings. When you break your finances down and dedicate money to necessities, savings, and fun spending, you’ll never have to go through the restrict-binge cycle again, and you will gain a better grasp and new-found confidence when it comes to managing the money you work so hard for.

No matter where you are now, or where you want to be, the Stop Budgeting system will allow you to have peace of mind knowing your savings are growing and your bills are paid, all while having the room to spend guilt-free and enjoy your life while you build up your wealth.

What Women are Saying

{"I have always had a relationship with money that I could never quite put my finger on. Growing up without it, I created incredibly bad habits around money. Getting to know my “Money Type” was only just scratching the surface. The tools that Lisa created, provides, and teaches you how to navigate each month are instrumental to the growth that I have had. Lisa is just there without judgment, without an agenda, and with an ease about her that makes doing this work so much easier than I would have ever thought. It doesn’t happen overnight, though, after each and every call, I walk away with more confidence and clarity than I have ever had." - Sonia Petkewich
{"As a financial coach, Lisa helps her clients with the basics of money management. Her goal is to help her clients develop healthy money habits that will last throughout all the ups of downs of life when it comes to money. Lisa educates her clients on the basics of personal finance and works with them to create a plan that reflects their goals. One of the best things about Lisa is that she has the innate ability to empower her clients to take responsibility for their decisions. Lisa helps her clients develop plans to achieve their goals, then acts as their accountability partner as clients put their plans into action. Lisa is the best!" -Susan Schultz
{"Working with Lisa has brought me from not understanding money to getting to know my spending habits, consistently looking at the numbers in my business, feeling much more in control of my financial life, and so much more. Every experience I get with Lisa allows me to have so many aha moments and gain clarity in so many parts of my life. I need an accountability partner to tackle the areas of my life that I resist and avoid. Lisa comes at this role with so much warmth and caring, you can truly tell she loves what she does. I truly think everyone would benefit from investing in learning from her." - Casey Jade
{“Two years ago, my husband and I were in debt and honestly, I just felt like I was barely treading water. It seemed like no matter how much money we made we were always in the same boat. Broke & in debt. I was tired of wasting so much time and energy on being stressed and worried about money. I decided something had to change and the Universe immediately sent me Lisa! ...Not only has she helped us with our money and our finances but she's completely changed my life….She helped me find clarity around my purpose, my dreams, and what I want my life to look like. I am forever grateful she came into my life!” – Andrea Haughey

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