Stop Budgeting System

Learn how to build wealth and spend guilt free today

You make great money!  That isn’t the problem…


 You’ve been told by other experts that you have to budget.
I’m here to tell you right here, right now that it’s a lie. 
You don’t need to budget.


 Use the Stop Budgeting System to feel more confident, see where your money is going and plan for your future!

Learn how to stop budgeting today and you’ll walk away feeling… 

Empowered to break free from the cycle of guilt and restriction and step into a world where your financial choices align with your desires.

Confident in your ability to manage your money no matter where you are in your financial journey 
Clear on your financial situation and the decisions you need to make to propel yourself forward, breaking free from the constraints of your external expectations 
Supported by a community of passionate women just like you, driven to redefine their relationship with money.



This system was created to be EASY to start using and QUICK to clearly understand your money.


Because when you understand your money, you have FREEDOM to make decisions about what you should do with your money.


Kiss budgeting good-bye forever!


Increase savings


Start Spending Guilt Free!

Online Course (lifetime access)


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Stop Budgeting Today!

Who the Stop Budgeting System
is for…

You’re successful in so many areas in your life – which is why your financial situation can feel so frustrating!

It feels like no matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem to work out for you.


Money comes in and flies right out again


Budgeting just doesn't work


And even though you're a high achiever, your savings account begs to differ

It’s easy to get down on yourself and feel overwhelmed when this is happening.

That’s why I want you to know: The reason so many of us never get our $hit together is because we never learned to manage our money in a way that is SIMPLE.

This is what the Stop Budgeting System is all about! Simple formula to ELEVATE your financial life in just 6 WEEKS.

And the best part is, you’re not going to have to use complicated money apps, or crazy budgets to do it.

Instead, you’ll get an SIMPLE way to break through your limiting beliefs AND a simple and sustainable method to manage your money.

All you have to do is commit to yourself and the process. Show up. Ask questions. And let us guide you step-by-step along the way.

After the 6 weeks, you’ll be kissing your guilt and stress goodbye, as you say, “I’M SO GLAD I DID THAT!”

Get Started Today and Learn Your Money Type

Learn how to be in control of your money and level up your mindset.


About the course:



Insight into how to use your Money Personality as your Money Superpower instead of kryptonite.


A judgment-free zone in a community of like-minded women


Skills to manage your finances – without a budget – and still make progress!


Guilt-free spending systems


Step by step money mindset exercises, journaling exercises and a workbook.


Simple and easy to follow money tracking systems


On-demand coaching and support


LIVE interactive trainings with Lisa Chastain

What our community
is saying

“Lisa helped me find clarity around my purpose, dreams, and what I want my life to look like.”

– Andrea Haughey

“The Stop Budgeting system is relatable and real. It changed my mindset about money.”

– Allison Morgan

“Real world advice about money that will help you figure out how to move forward.”

– Ginny

What I’ll teach you:


Let’s kick this off!  It is time for you to finally learn what you never learned – how to see your money in a way where you can actually make decisions that feel good – instead of shameful and filled with self judgement.

Money Mindset keys: I will teach you how to eliminate money sabotage.

Week 1 objectives:  How to painlessly take your financial inventory

Know what you make, spend, and keep every month.

Connect your daily decisions to your finances.

Discover how to start playing by your MONEY STRENGTHS


    What habits are holding you back?  I will teach you how to break through them and get rid of old habits forever.

    Money Mindset: Identify money beliefs that are stopping you from having what you say you want.

    Key Takeaways:
    You’ll see the patterns in your life that you can shift immediately!

    Know how to align with your VALUES and VISION to your choices.

    You learn how to finally gain control of your money.

    How to negotiate tough conversations with yourself and others.



    By tossing the budget out the window forever I will teach you how to organize your money into my Stop Budgeting System so that you will finally have freedom and peace of mind when it comes to your spending.  

    Money Mindset: Making wise and valuable spending choices without the guilt!

    Key Takeaways:
    A new way to spend that will bring total clarity and freedom to your life!

    How to organize your money and move money to give you clarity on daily decision making.

    How to get your money into different accounts for different purposes and learn how to have more fun with your money!


    Learn how YOU will be able to increase your savings by simply seeing your money in a new way.  

    Money Mindset: Wealthy person’s mindset hacks, reframing unhealthy financial habits into healthy habits!

    Key Takeaways:
    How to adopt a savings mindset for success!

    You’ll get the money tracker that has saved my clients thousands of dollars and hours of financial headache!

    Learn how to save in a way that makes sense and gives you confidence that goals will be met.



    Money Mindset: Mindset hacks for ultimate success

    Key Takeaways:
    Learn what your net worth is and how to build wealth!



    Money Mindset: Women are changing the game of education and finance – here’s how you can join this movement

    Key Takeaways:

    Take the 3 Keys Test to set you up for $uccess!

    First steps to investing

    Learn the Stop Budgeting System and change your financial life forever – I’ll show you how.

    As soon as you sign-up, you’ll receive lifetime access to the online course that compliments our live sessions, and my exclusive online community.

    If you are a successful professional woman who is struggling to find any control over your life because your relationship with money is keeping you feeling insecure, financially illiterate, and unable to rise to the next level of your life…

    This system is for YOU!

    I have hated budgets my entire life.

    I have created a system that gives you the freedom you want.

    If you want to dip your toe into working with me – and just don’t know where to start.

    This course is perfect for you!

    This system will teach you how you can increase your savings by 20-30%.

    It’s a proven system. I use it with all of my clients.

    If you’ve been in my world and are afraid to take action, this class is the best first step for you to finally get on your path to saving more, and SPENDING feeling confident you’re making choices in the best direction for your life.

    It’s got all of my tools.

    It’s got money mindset exercises.

    Here’s the thing.

    Just like a diet, the more you restrict…the more you’ll end up binging.

    Most people create budgets in order to control their spending impulses in hopes of creating more savings…but if you really want to save more and enjoy your life you have to Stop Budgeting!

    Instead of denying yourself the joy of being a free adult, I will teach you how to make room for fun, funds, and future by splitting up your money and prioritizing healthy spending — all while building up your savings.

    No matter where you are now, or where you want to be, the Stop Budgeting system will allow you to have peace of mind knowing your savings are growing and your bills are paid, all while having the room to spend guilt-free and enjoy your life while you build up your wealth.

    Why wait??