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Welcome to my world – I am SO grateful you’re here.

Money plays such a HUGE part of our life.  Women just like you work so hard to figure out the financial game, and usually with very little support along the way. It’s not easy, and mistakes happen. I have made more than a few (big!) financial mistakes in my life. I was able to change my financial game, and you can too. Starting today!

Money Moves

Join us at our next quarterly event either in-person or virtually. While you’re with us, you’ll connect with our community of amazing women and learn how to change your money mindset.

Real Money Formula

Real Money Formula is a 6-week group course where you’ll meet weekly in a supportive online environment. Work with Lisa and our mentorship team to begin taking accountability.

Money Mentor

If you’re not sure where to start or have questions, you’re not alone. Our Money Mentors are here to help guide you in a direction that makes the most sense to you. Reach out and connect today.

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The First Steps to Working Together

If you’re brand new to my world and brand new to wanting to take a money journey to fix your finances, the best place to start is with your money mindset. We don’t need to look at numbers… yet; It’s time to get real with your money mindset and money behaviors first. These will both get you thinking about your money differently, and challenge you to get introspective and get real with what’s holding you back with your finances.

Money Moves

Join my community for this dynamic experience either in-person or virtually

Real Money Formula

Learn the Real Money Formula in this 6-week group course

Take Accountability

If you’re ready to confront all those numbers, get real with your money behaviors, and take accountability for your saving and spending, then the right move for you is to learn the Real Money Formula. You can keep it simple by taking the go-at-your-own-pace online course, or get that personal touch that we all need from time-to-time, and jump into my next 6-week Real Money Formula program. In this 6-week money course, we meet together every week, and my team and I will be there to personally guide you through getting your financial $hit together in a whole new way!

Savvy Money University

Join me for this exclusive 12-month program

As you explore, I want you to connect with me and my community of savvy women who are all on their own journeys getting their financial $hit together in a supportive and safe space. Join my free online community and I look forward to meeting you soon!

Getting Support from a Money Coach

Working with a money coach is a gamechanger to the way you approach and manage your money.

I’ve got the experience and expertise, plus I’ve got many easy-to-use financial tools and materials for women just like you who want to feel financially savvy, in control over their lives and more financially secure.