NLP Techniques and Money

by | Dec 21, 2023

Empowering Women’s Financial Leadership | A Sit Down with Lisa Chastain

As a coach, I am constantly seeking ways to improve and level up my life. This is why I decided to invest in myself and pursue certification as a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. My journey to certification not only equipped me with tools and skills to help my clients, but it also led me to a path of self-discovery and personal growth.

Through my NLP training, I was able to face my personal demons and ask myself the tough questions needed to achieve success in my personal and professional life. I am now a stronger, wiser, and more connected version of myself, which ultimately benefits my clients. In today’s video, I will share some of the key takeaways from my NLP journey and how it has impacted my coaching approach.

Journey to NLP Certification

Investing in myself has been a constant journey for the past 10 years. As a coach, I strive to improve and level up my skills to be the best coach I can be for my clients. That’s why I decided to get my trainer certification as a neurolinguistic programming (NLP) practitioner.

Getting my NLP certification has not only given me more tools and skills to help my clients, but it has also led me down a path of self-discovery. It required me to face some demons and ask myself tough questions, but the result was worth it. I am now a stronger, wiser, more balanced, and connected version of myself, which benefits everyone around me.

Through NLP, I learned a framework that Tony Robbins has studied for years, and I have all the certifications to help my clients create sustainable change. As a coach, I intentionally integrate all that I know about money, tools, systems, and information with coaching to give my clients tangible ways and support to transform their lives.

Personal finance does not have to be perfect, but it has to make you happy. That’s why I chose NLP. It allowed me to meet all the parts of myself that were not working and transform my life. I want to do the same for my clients.

Investing in myself has been a game-changer, and I invite you to think about what you are doing to level up in your own life. Remember, personal responsibility is key to living a happy, healthy life, and achieving your best life.

Critique of Dave Ramsey’s Approach

As a coach, I am constantly looking for ways to level up and improve my life and the way I operate. While Dave Ramsey’s approach to personal finance has helped many people get out of debt and gain control of their finances, I believe there are some limitations to his approach.

First and foremost, Ramsey’s approach focuses heavily on debt elimination and living a frugal lifestyle. While this can be effective for those who are heavily in debt, it may not be the best approach for everyone. Ramsey’s approach does not take into account individual circumstances or goals and may not be suitable for those who are looking to invest or build wealth.

Additionally, Ramsey’s approach tends to be very rigid and prescriptive, with a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. This can be limiting and may not allow for the flexibility needed to adapt to changing circumstances or individual needs.

Furthermore, Ramsey’s approach can be overly simplistic and may not address the root causes of financial struggles. While his focus on behavioral change is important, it may not be enough to address deeper issues such as mindset, limiting beliefs, and emotional triggers.

Do The Work

Overall, I have found that one size fits all solutions don’t work for a majority of people. You have to be willing to do the individual work to progress you further. I took this advice for myself and got my NLP trainer certification in order to help my clients make real time, sustainable change in their lives. Want to get started? Get started today to start seeing a real difference.

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