Missy Day

by | Jun 29, 2023

About Missy

In this episode of Real Money, Lisa interviews Missy Day, a success consultant and founder of What’s Your Story? They discuss the importance of sharing personal stories and how it can inspire and motivate others. Missy shares her own story of being born to a young, unprepared mother and being raised by her grandparents. She talks about the dysfunction in her family and the contrasting influence of her entrepreneurial father. Despite the challenges she faced, Missy emphasizes the power of resilience and the belief that everyone has a story worth telling.

Missy is a Corporate Trainer, Speaker & Executive Coach. She works with executives to create a fulfilling and profitable work environment.

The Real Money Podcast is hosted by Lisa Chastain, a personal finance coach that teaches women how to own their financial journey without using budgets.

In this episode, Missy Day talks about how she grew up and how that impacted her relationship with money. If this interested you, watch London’s Path to building a 6 Figure Business with London Canez– another episode that explores this topic.

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