London Canez

by | Apr 13, 2023

About London

I love having down-to-earth and honest conversation about money. On this show, London Canez, and I will talk about how she was raised, how money influenced her choices and decisions growing up, and how she’s working actively to champion her money mindset so that she can be free!

London got her start in the spa industry in 2010, starting as a concierge and eventually getting promoted to management. Getting her start as a licensed esthetician in 2015, her background has helped her become an esthetician driven by results and five-star customer experience. To top it off, she was a 2022 Best of Las Vegas nominee! “I love creating a space for people to feel truly welcome, relaxed, and restored while I get to practice my passion for the skin healing craft.”

Something that sets London apart in the industry is the ability to connect and empathize with her client’s skin health journey. “I used to struggle with cystic acne which lead to emotional hardship but it’s something that inspired me to become an Esthetician. I can now gladly understand and relate to clients experiencing acne and the hardships that can come with it.” London’s ability to uplift while delivering results is something to be experienced.

The goal of this show is for any woman (and man) to hear that they are not alone in the pursuit of their dreams.

Join us!

Episode Recap

London, aka the “Six Figure Esthi” didn’t grow up knowing much about money. Neither did most of us. In this conversation, we talk about what it is like to be raised raising siblings to jump out on your own at 18 to realize that although it was never promised to you – you can have whatever you want!

Learn how London has built her 6 figure business, and how she has purchased a homecoming from a shoestring kind of life. What London wants you to know is that if she can do it – so can you!

Key points:

  1. Believe in yourself. It might take work, and it will pay off!
  2. You don’t have to grow up around money to make great money.
  3. Your life can turn around with just one decision – be willing to make the decision and take action!

No matter what industry you’re in, you have a money story. Today London shared hers, watch Money & Astrology with Kate Wind to see if success is your stars (it is!)

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