JM Ryerson

by | Feb 1, 2024

Success and Family Balance with JM Ryerson

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing JM Ryerson, the owner of Let’s Go Win, a company dedicated to helping people heal their mind, body, and spirit to become the best leaders they can be. I have gone on a journey over the past few years, primarily focused on women and women guests, and have realized that in order for our world to work and win, men need to be a part of the conversation. It no longer serves us to pit men against women when it comes to money, success, and power. As a global community, this is the time for us to work together.

JM’s Personal and Professional Journey

JM’s journey began in Montana, where he grew up in a place called Great Falls. He graduated college from Missoula, which is on the west side of the state. He’s a West Coast kid who relocated to Florida three years ago.

He has run four successful companies, with Let’s Go Win being the legacy company that he never plans on letting go. While he has a financial background, he says that he is not particularly good at financial services. His primary responsibility was being the liaison to the CEOs and executives at the insurance companies and he built teams and focused on leadership, and it just happened to be in the financial services industry.

JM admits that running a business is not all sunshine and rainbows. It requires a lot of work, and there are some ugly things that go along with it. For instance, he was separated from his wife for almost a year, and was almost 300 lbs at that point. He was working late into the night, not because he had to, but because he was avoiding going home. JM had lost sight of what was most important for him, and that was taking care of his family. It took him a while to realize that he had become so consumed with the business side that he says he forgot to water his relationship and be the dad that he had set out to be.

The biggest lesson that JM learned from this experience is that the people you surround yourself with will be a direct reflection of who you are. He had lost perspective and was surrounding himself with values that started to bleed into his relationship. However, JM was able to turn things around and grow even faster by being himself and getting back to who he is.

As a leader in business JM knows that it’s crucial to model success for women and men alike. While women currently own less than 15% of the world’s wealth, we have more women running Fortune 500 companies today than ever before. It’s time for men and women to work together to win together, and Let’s Go Win is here to help make that happen.

Discussion on Gender Equality in Business

To achieve gender equality in business, here are some steps that we can take:

  • Create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that values and respects everyone’s contributions.
  • Ensure that both men and women have access to the same resources, opportunities, and support.
  • Encourage women to pursue leadership roles and provide them with the necessary training and development opportunities.
  • Promote work-life balance and flexible work arrangements that can benefit both men and women.
  • Address any biases or discrimination that may exist in the workplace.

This discussion with JM Ryerson was eye-opening on how you can excel in the industry you’re in to make a difference as long as you play to your strengths and focus on what’s important to you. By doing these things, you can learn to rely on other people who have similar goals with different strengths to accomplish those goals. 

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