The Gender Pay Gap

by | Aug 3, 2023

How the Pay Gap Affects Women

In this video, I am discussing the gender pay gap and emphasizing the importance of women taking responsibility for closing the gap. I encourage all women to not only ask for more money but to demand it in their businesses and workplaces. I believe that one reason for the pay gap is that women have been in disempowering conversations about money for too long, and I am encouraging women to improve their relationship with money. I provide practical advice for business owners to charge their worth and not discount their services: know your worth and then charge your worth. For corporate women, I advise understanding what others in their industry are making and learning how to negotiate for higher pay. I also emphasize the importance of supporting and championing other women in the workplace. I believe that by working together and sharing the wealth, women can close the pay gap and create a better world for themselves and future generations. Be a part of the revolution to Stop Budgeting, build wealth, and spend guilt-free.

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