Living an Abundant Life, Starting Now

by | Jan 1, 2023

Living an abundant life isn’t an accident, and it isn’t something that is outside of your power. If that seems like a wild idea, I’m going to invite you to embrace something wild.  The inner wild of your soul.  So often, money and finances can feel like a big, scary, looming figure controlling your life. You don’t need millions of dollars to live an abundant life (don’t let social media fool you). Let’s take a look at how your mindset can create and support a life of abundance.  

Mindset: how to live an abundant life 

How you feel about money determines how you handle money. Your money mindset influences your bank account, not the other way around. Hesitant, avoidant, or scared to even look at your bank account?  The problem didn’t start there.  You learned how to be that way with money.  You have unconscious programming that has been driving the money bus in your life.  If you don’t have tools to redirect your thoughts, you’ll stay in your cycle (whatever that is for you) until you learn how to interrupt the cycle.  You have the power to transform the dynamic of your beliefs which influence the decisions you make.  Abundance isn’t a concept.  It’s something that’s practiced. 

When we live in fear and avoidance, we’re operating from a scarcity mindset. That belief that there is not enough to go around causes stress and financial pressure, keeping you in a scarcity state of mind. Many of us go our whole lives living with a scarcity mindset without even realizing it. Read more about the scarcity mindset and how to stop living in scarcity here.

Rather than function out of fear and stress response, you can respond out of preparation and positivity. Practicing living in abundance supports you in the rewiring process of your brain.  It’s f’ing cool!  Flipping the script of your unconscious mind places you in the seat of power.  We need more women in the seats.  This is your time, your turn, your calling.  With practice, you can begin to blossom.  I have a money mentor in my world, Brigette.  She’s flipping amazing!  And, when she began practicing her manifestations and living abundantly, she realized how powerful she really is.  An example of this is at one of my weekend events.  We put together vision boards after a reiki visualization session.  She knew she wanted a new dog.  A white french bulldog, and she found a picture of one and put it on her vision board.  Not two weeks later, she got a call from a breeder about a white baby french bulldog needing a home – and Beans came home to Brigette shortly after she made the declaration! How cool is that?

Lynne Twist says, the opposite of scarcity is not abundance.  The opposite of scarcity is sufficiency.  Have you given gratitude for the life you have today?  It’s okay to dream, and it really is okay to want more.  The first step to abundance in my opinion?  Be grateful for what you have, and learn how to dream and manifest more.

Here’s my invitation for you today:

  1. Believe that you can learn how to make decisions that bring a stronger financial future 
  2. Believe that you are capable of learning from past mistakes 
  3. Believe that you can change course no matter how much debt you have 
  4. Believe that you are supported and understood on your financial journey 
  5. Believe that you can do scary stuff and still be in charge of your money

If it feels challenging at first to believe, borrow my belief.  The next step?  You’ve got to be willing to take action.

Your mindset can have a hugely positive effect on your financial life, and the reverse is also true. Money stress is no joke, and if left unchecked, it can wreak havoc on your stress levels, especially for women. Studies show that women are more likely to experience financial stress than men — 46 percent of women said money has a negative effect on their mental health, compared to 38 percent of men. Of those who said money is a stressor, 28 percent said they worry about it daily. Getting ahead of it means wrestling that fear and having the courage to face it so that we can fix it. Baby steps are great (and actually pretty huge, in terms of how powerful they are) so don’t be afraid to start small. It all counts. Remember, you don’t have to be confident to have the courage to get started.

Powerful steps for cultivating an abundance mentality 

Commit to believing that you are worthy of abundance.  The biggest obstacle to having what you say you want in life?  YOU.  Specifically, your beliefs.  If you’re a giver, a people pleaser, a Mom, a generous friend, and/or a hard worker of any variety, chances are good that you put other people’s needs before your own. It feels altruistic and the “right” thing to do, but problems start to arise when your needs aren’t getting met. Make the determination that YOU matter, too, and you deserve to have a strong, abundant financial life. 

Stop the madness of keeping up with society’s expectations.  This is something I battle with every day.  Have the courage to define for yourself what abundance looks and feels like.  That’s the only thing that matters – the only person living your life is you.  For one person, that could mean a cute apartment with money for travel.  For someone else, that could mean a Tesla and a home in the Hamptons.  Get off social media, and get connected to what YOU want.  The comparison game is crushing us as a society.  Everyone’s definition of abundance is different, and only you know what you need from life to be happy and abundant. Social media has made many people feel worse about their finances, a recent Bankrate poll found. Over one-third (34 percent) of adults surveyed said seeing others’ social media posts made them feel negative about their finances, and that number is higher for Gen Z and millennials — 47 percent and 46 percent, respectively. Instead, follow accounts that fill your cup with information, inspo, or coaching tips that help maintain a feeling of personal empowerment within yourself. Last but not least, surround yourself with people you genuinely like, and who genuinely like you.

Invest in yourself. If you put yourself at the end of the receiving line – if you take this one takeaway from this blog it’s this – you can not afford to NOT invest in yourself.  I’ve got a new book coming out that is cracking the code on investing.  Here’s a sneak peek:  You invest in 3 ways – not just with money. And YOU are the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life.  Living abundantly is not just financial.  It’s your health, mental wellness, spirituality, mindfulness, peace of mind, kindness to yourself and others, treating the environment with respect, resting when you need to, eating healthy food, and the list goes on and on.  Find meaningful pathways to abundance by investing time in yourself first and foremost. It’s tempting to wait until conditions are *perfect* in order to start saving, investing, and actively managing your life.  And there is no perfect time in life….for any of it.  Jumping into the driver’s seat now is well within your power. How you spend your time, and who you spend your time with are intimately connected to your financial life.  Tracking your money in/out is the best first investment you can make in yourself to have a new financial reality.  I will teach you how to do this.  It’s what we do in my world daily.

Sharing your transformation with others is a gamechanger

Deciding to change your mindset and your life doesn’t happen alone. You will need to rely on support from others, borrow new beliefs until they become your own, and stay accountable. Learning and bonding with others who are on the same road to financial power that you are on – it’s huge! When you know you’re not alone, so much of the fear and hesitation fade away and are replaced with empowerment and motivation. If you are looking for help getting your $hit together or learning how to make savvy investments with the money you have, join my community and let’s connect today

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