Gina Trimmer

by | Apr 20, 2023

About Gina

Gina and her family went from living the “American Dream” life to losing it all in the recession. In one of their darkest times, they made the decision to overhaul their financial life. They cut back their keeping up with the Joneses lifestyle so that they could rebuild. As a result she and her husband have both retired in their mid 30’s.

Gina’s rebuild took 6 years and is a great example of how we can rise from the ashes of financial failure and build back stronger.

In this episode we’ll discuss what Gina and her husband did, specifically, to rebuild and create wealth that is allowing them to live out out big dreams including traveling the world.

Episode Recap

How do you bounce back from having everything you owned repossessed?

Get clear about what’s really important, eat some humble pie, get back into action, and ask for support!

These are powerful lessons shared in this episode with Gina Trimmer.

Gina, in her 20s, learned a valuable lesson about taking risks and expanding too quickly while stretching her finances. Despite building a thriving construction company with her spouse, the 2008 financial crisis caused their lives to crumble. Following a complete loss, the couple relocated to her father-in-law’s basement and started fresh.

After acquiring creative funding, Gina and her partner established their real estate empire to generate passive income, allowing them to retire in their 30s. Gina, who is now raising three children, is working on developing the Revitalized Woman brand, while her spouse enjoys being a stay-at-home father.

This episode encompasses numerous valuable lessons, which Gina wishes to share:

  1. Prioritize your needs, and your passions and true desires will emerge.
  2. Stop mishandling your finances; respect it and learn to manage it responsibly. Anyone can have financial security, regardless of their income.
  3. You can accomplish anything you prioritize in life, including traveling the world!

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