Real Money Talk: No B.S. with Guest Jennah Haase

by | Nov 22, 2022

Money talk isn’t worth much if it isn’t honest.  My goal with Real Money Talk is to provide real, authentic, and practical support that my audience can apply to the real world. This episode of Real Money Talk is all about cutting out the fluff and getting to the real stuff. Getting honest about your money (and your life) starts with having the courage to feel what you feel.  Second, see how your money is working for you or against your vision in life.   Having an honest conversation with yourself gets you moving in the direction of having your life the way YOU truly want it to be. Jennah is my bookkeeper and the owner of Noble Business Solutions. She’s a self-proclaimed numbers nerd, and she is helping business owners around the country keep their financial books in order. Bringing her on my podcast made my heart happy!

With Real Money, we lean into honest conversations that leave you feeling supported and connected.  You can listen every Monday at 10 AM on Voice America Business Channel here

Getting honest about your money helps you start off on a better foot financially 

Numbers don’t lie – your financials are your feedback for what’s working in your life (and what’s not working).  Not only is Jennah a master at her craft, she has one heck of a story and journey with raising two children. Her daughter has cerebral palsy, and she and her husband have had to work hard to make financial sense out of raising a child with special needs. Our casual conversation dives deep down into what’s behind the numbers of our lives.

When it comes to money, sometimes things come out of left field or mistakes can happen… it’s just a fact of life. For almost 20 years, Jennah has been on the journey of being a businesswoman, and she will tell you firsthand how easy it can be to fall into the trap of thinking you’re alone when you’re committed to your hustle. Combine that with trying to keep up the appearance of having it all together (meanwhile, things are falling apart behind closed doors), and it can feel so overwhelming. Can you relate? It starts out with hope, ideas, excitement…and then you can end up in a weird place financially.   

You can try to manipulate the numbers any way you like, but the bottom line is that there is no hiding the fact that numbers do not lie. Even though it may feel complicated, women are so capable of making effective changes that add up to a stronger financial future. It takes action.  

A better financial future starts with feeling hopeful and taking action

If you’re in emergency mode with your finances, you’re not alone. Believe us when we say that you are not the first (or last!) to be faced with reinventing yourself financially. Playing that stressful money game – for either lack of understanding or not having any other option is a common experience.  When you listen to this episode of Real Money Talk, you’re going learn how to apply some truly workable steps, but most of all I am hoping that you feel a lot more confident (and not alone) in your situation.

Where to start? Reach out and ask for help. If you feel stuck, you need to get someone else’s eyes on your situation so that they can find new solutions. This is the part that really takes the pressure off of expecting yourself to see all things and know all things. Getting super honest about what you’re dealing with, and asking for help, gives you the nuts and bolts to work on your new reality. 

Another huge step? Stopping self-criticism and judgment. No B.S. also means not letting yourself get caught up in a cycle of unhelpful thoughts about your prior decisions or circumstances. It’s a journey for every single person out there, so use what you DO know and lean on that. Don’t worry about what other people think, or past mistakes you’ve made. When you know better, you can do better! 

If Jennah and I can do it, so can you. No matter where you are with your money, you can turn it around. Making new choices leads to having new results. Hearing stories just like Jennah’s shows just how common it is to struggle AND do things better the second time around. Not only can we share our stories together, we can learn together. 

Joining a community can help you more than you may realize 

There are ways to turn your financial life around, and the best part is that you do not have to try to do it all alone. Don’t underestimate the working value of joining a community with supportive women who can understand. You’ll find that you can be real, be honest, and have no B.S. conversations about your financial goals. If you’re ready to start hitting your goals head-on, let’s talk.

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