Donna Cates

by | Jun 8, 2023

About Donna

In this episode of the Real Money Podcast, Donna Cates shares her story of going through a divorce at 26 and how it impacted her relationship with money. She also talks about her career as a financial advisor and how her mother’s frugality and a supervisor’s guidance helped her start saving for retirement. They also touch on the importance of having a good relationship with oneself and how it affects one’s relationship with money and others. Donna shares her experience with her second relationship and how it led her to realize the importance of improving oneself to attract better relationships.

The Real Money Podcast is hosted by Lisa Chastain, a personal finance coach that teaches women how to own their financial journey without using budgets.

Growing up in a frugal household is not something unique to Donna. Another episode that talks about this is Redesigning Your Life with Amy Owens. Check it out!

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