Amy Owens

by | May 11, 2023

About Amy

Welcome to Real Money, the show that brings you the inspiring stories of everyday people who turned their struggles into success. Today, we have a special guest who is sure to leave you feeling motivated and empowered.

In the midst of the pandemic, over 9 million people lost their jobs, including our guest, Amy Owens. But instead of giving up, she did what many women did – she started her own company, Hidden Gem Design Group.

This episode is for all of our listeners who have found themselves in a situation they never expected and are searching for inspiration and solidarity. You’re not alone, and Amy’s story is here to remind you of that.

Get ready to be inspired by Amy’s tale of hope, determination, and creativity. You’ll hear how she took control of her life, and her career, by founding her own company. And who knows, after this episode, you might even be inspired to redesign your own life, and maybe even your home too!

So sit back, relax, and join us on Real Money as we learn how to rebuild and redesign our lives, with the help of Amy Owens and Hidden Gem Design Group.

Amy restarted her life in the COVID-19 pandemic, another guest shared her story about restarting her life back in the recession. Watch How to Retire in Your 30s with Gina Trimmer now.

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