Wondering Where All Your Money Goes Every Month?

by | Sep 10, 2021

Picture this: you’re running errands and you go to use a card that you know has money on it, but it’s declined. I’ve been there! You wonder in fear, “Should I even check my bank account?” The fear is real! Life happens fast, and sometimes you’re worried if you even have enough to cover a tank of gas this week. Let’s talk about financial security (this message is for ANY WOMAN regardless of income status) – if you’re asking yourself where does all my money go every month.  

This message is for every woman who feels out of control with her money.  Broke can be a mindset as much as it could be a bank account problem.  I talk to women of all income brackets that have this experience.  Where your money goes, matters!  Let’s get to work…

Wondering “Where Does All My Money Go?”

With so much uncertainty in the world today, it’s SO easy to sink into fear and avoidance, and that absolutely includes money. Believe me, I know! When I was facing a mountain of debt, a divorce, and complete burnout, financial freedom seemed like nothing more than a dream. Spending, saving, and paying down debt was a cross between a wing, a prayer, and some days a little “Hail Mary.” Can you relate? Paycheck to paycheck, month to month, or burning the candle at both ends. Here are some common spending bleeds and leaks:

  • Fast food and coffee stops
  • Name brand products
  • Memberships you don’t use 
  • Monthly subscriptions you don’t use
  • Impulse purchases
  • Drinks with the girls
  • Buying more to save more (think about all those “good deals” you didn’t really need)
  • Overspending on food (ex:  eating out when you have food at home)
  • Throwing away food (ex:  overstocking your pantry because of scarcity mindset)   

Getting it Together and Achieving Financial Stability 

You and I both know that money matters – even when we resist the modern-day systems of inequity. It is really hard to feel happy when you are on the financial insecurity rollercoaster. Let’s consider how much eventual stress can be sidestepped by facing it today. Feeling too scared to look at your money is 100% relatable, and so are the occasional cold sweats that come right along with it. And if you’re using credit cards (or other debts) to make ends meet and make it through, you’re not alone!  As I mentioned earlier, I work with women who make great money and still find themselves stretched at the end of the pay period or month.  The roller coaster feeling comes from the fact that you have no way of making empowered choices with your money, so you just default to old patterns and habits of avoiding, fear, and emotionally overspending. This is a red flag that it’s time for you to try something different. There is a better way!

What’s Your Financial Wellness Score? 

The first step to feeling financially secure is knowing where you currently stand.  Ask yourself this – even journal about it…how do you respond to money? How much money do you have and how much of it do you really need? What does “enough” really mean to you?  What will you do when you have enough money? Financial wellness stats are based around solid markers such as: 

  • Having control over your day-to-day money moves
  • You feel calm and joyful about money and your financial status
  • Having some cushion money to rely on during emergencies (in my world, we call them “oh $h!t” moments) 
  • You’re out of debt (or have a plan to get out of debt – and you’re taking action)
  • You can pay for vacations without going into long term debt
  • You can manage expenses without grabbing a credit card (unless it’s to aquire points)
  • You’ve got savings and retirement goals and are on track to meet them

Take my 10-question quiz to determine your money wellness score and find out the next steps to set yourself up for financial success.

Once you get a chance to figure out where you stand financially (and it may not be as bad as you think…consider that option, too!) you can start the process of aligning with your purpose and making your money work for you. 

Learning to have a new relationship with your finances 

Building your money confidence is done with awareness and support – and, hopefully, it helps to know that you are NOT alone. Want to get your $hit together? It’s time! We can’t fix what we don’t face. And I’m here for you. So is my tribe. 

Picture now: you go from feeling broke and scared to looking at your bank account, paying off a mountain of debt, investing in your future, plus having a little extra to spend on the stuff you love. 

Knowing your financial standing is a great start. Need a tribe for support? Join mine! If you are looking for help getting your $hit together or learning how to invest the money you have, take my Raise Your Worth 5 Day Money Mindset Challenge and get started with your first step toward elevating your financial life today. 

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