The Truth About Your Savings

by | Jul 27, 2023

Building Savings While Spending Guilt Free

In today’s video, I am discussing the concept of savings and how it can both help and hurt individuals. I emphasize the importance of having a healthy relationship with money and share the basics of my Stop Budgeting System. I advise all viewers to shift their mindset about savings and start spending guilt-free. By separating and earmarking money for spending and having a plan in place, you can alleviate stress and create a happier financial life. I then share a story of a woman in my world who is financially stressed and highlights the need for a spending plan. I go on to explain that once individuals have a healthy relationship with spending, they can then start saving in a happy, healthy way. I want to emphasize that it is not necessary to save every extra dollar and I encourage viewers to enjoy your lives while also saving for things like travel, emergencies, and retirement. I invite everyone to join her stop budgeting course to learn more about her system and gain tools for a healthier relationship with money.

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