Real Money Talk: The Connection Between Financial Stress and Mental Health

by | Dec 13, 2022

Money can be one of the most stressful topics to deal with in life – but that doesn’t have to be the case. It is possible to deal with money without losing your head, and hearing the stories of people who have done just that can help you navigate that experience yourself. My podcast, Real Money Talk, is designed to share those stories with you so that you can learn from others, be inspired, and know that you are not alone. Without mentors, trial and error can lead to some bumpy roads and mental health challenges. My guest Jacent Wamala is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist turned Money Mindset Coach and Wealth & Wellness University founder. She helps women discover the connection between financial stress and mental health, how to overcome debt, level up their income streams, and achieve impactful, life-changing financial freedom. 

How money and wellness are interconnected – and how to build a healthy foundation for life

The connection between financial stress and mental health is an essential part of learning how to take control of your destiny and successfully build a better financial future. There’s no escaping the fact that personal growth and personal finances go hand-in-hand. And trying to tackle it all by yourself can be lonely. As a mental health professional, Jacent’s goals reflect a focus on wellness, building wealth without burning out, and doing it together. Jacent’s money story is unique and powerful – and I’m so grateful that she took time out of her busy schedule to share her experience and expertise with us. 

Jacent was born in Uganda and raised in the United States. For her, money wasn’t something that was discussed on a regular basis, barring the reminder to “never in your life, for any reason ever, co-sign for anyone, ever.” It worked, because she’s never co-signed for anyone, but this was the one and only direct money lesson she ever received. Her lessons came from money cues and reflections on their emotional responses to what was going on in their financial world. With that in mind, Jacent knew there was a lot to learn! 

Learning the steps and strategies to make money comes from somewhere. Being an immigrant limited her options for formal employment, but that didn’t mean she stopped at the first roadblock. Finding opportunities for earning money went hand-in-hand with wanting to pursue quality education and build a life that she would love. In this podcast, she shares her experience and lessons about loans and other lessons that are relatable no matter what your background might be. In three years, she paid off over $90,000 in credit card and student loan debt and saw the link between financial stress and mental health issues for her clients as well. 

Jacent walks us through the process of moving past limiting beliefs about money that need to be ditched in order to thrive. Getting comfortable with money is a big step into claiming your role as master of your destiny.  For her, getting out of the hole meant leaning on a strong support system that was there for moral support. They had instilled in her that her abilities are limitless (what a powerful motto) which solidified her personal growth and development. Mentors, coaches, therapists, and higher education filled in the rest. If you believe it’s possible to get out of quicksand without a branch or a helping hand… you are missing out! It’s so much harder to get out of quicksand alone. Looking for help from the right people like experts, therapists, trained professionals, are going to give you higher-quality results faster. 

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Connecting with other people for support in your money life 

Designing your life on purpose is such a powerful maneuver. There are so many listeners who might be going through difficulties, and I’m here to tell you that we are in this work because we care. As a community of women, we heal by sharing stories so that you know you’re not alone. Turning the corner from lessons to successes is within your reach, no matter where you are in your financial journey. Whether you are a total beginner or you’re in the thick of it, my community and I are here for you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a supportive group of women to support your money goals this year, join mine. If you are looking for help getting your $hit together or learning how to invest your money going forward, join me at my next Money Moves

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