Real Money Talk: Taking a Big Leap and Not Looking Back with Dr. Stacie Herrera

by | Jun 2, 2022

One of the best parts about my job is getting to talk to people about their everyday money challenges and stories. My goal is to empower you to lead in all areas of your life with the clarity that you are making the right choices for your family, your career, and your future. With Real Money, we are sharing real stories of women who are tackling their most difficult financial challenges. My guests are always incredible! You can listen every Monday at 10 AM on Voice America Business Channel here

Talking Money with Guest Dr. Stacie Herrera, Psychologist

I’ve been working with Dr. Stacie since the fall of 2018, when she was looking to grow her business and get a handle on finances. Now, over three years later, we are still working and growing together AND doing fun, big things! She began her journey as a solopreneur and now has a team of 20 from all over the country, and has even expanded with new telehealth options for increased access to youth mental health services. Dr. Stacie’s story is about hope, having courage, and using her voice to pursue her dreams, no matter the cost!  We can all learn so much from Stacie’s story.

During our episode, Dr. Stacie spoke about her unique childhood memories that shaped her financial mindset. She opened up about experiences that influenced her, including growing up in a single-parent household. Dr. Stacie shares that money was always tight in her world. She had memories of not having enough money for lunch at school, along with her grandparents loading them up on extra groceries and cash. She didn’t always know where she was going to get her next meal from, but she did have support. Through that generosity, she was able to keep going, and she had hope. As a survival technique, consistency became the name of the game in Dr. Stacie’s world; because otherwise, she would have to call her father two hours away for help. This shaped her to think that men were the keepers of the money, and this had an impact on her money mindset throughout her life.  

In Stacie’s financial journey, she had to learn how to build safe partnerships and balance her own financial needs with those of her husband, her business, paying off credit card debt, buying a house, and funding growing kids who were going off to college. Being able to accomplish her successes happened through climbing that staircase one step at a time and shifting her old mindsets from childhood days. 

Got a big financial goal but scared to go for it? Here’s Dr. Stacie Herrera’s words of wisdom

Reflecting back on juggling three kids under the age of three, Dr. Stacie learned on the fly that hard work meant actively investing in knowledge. Her guidance now? Build your wisdom, and do it intentionally. In other words, never stop learning and have purpose behind your learning! Discover who to tap when you have questions. Dr. Stacie explains that we are all hardwired to be interconnected, so the ability to gather together in communities can help us benefit from collective knowledge. Most importantly, you have to be the one to take the reins in your own life. 

Dr. Stacie reminds us that our relationship with time says everything about our priorities. Listen in to our full episode here

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Financial tips and community go hand in hand 

Every woman is capable of feeling confident about the choices she is making about her money. You don’t have to do it alone, either! No matter what your financial goals are, my community and I are here for you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a supportive group of women to support your money goals this year, join mine. If you are looking for help getting your $hit together or learning how to invest your money going forward, sign up for my next GIT Elevated Money Course today.

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