Nicole Rueth

by | Nov 16, 2023

Real Estate Options Over Fear: Nicole Rueth’s Guide to Building Wealth

As a mortgage lending expert with over 22 years of experience, my guest today, Nicole Rueth, has seen the ups and downs of the real estate market. Today, she’s excited to share her insights with you, on what it really means to buy a house in this current market. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make the most out of your money and navigate the challenges of this 2023 market.

During this episode, Nicole and I will dive into her personal journey, from growing up in a single-parent household on food stamps to owning 24 doors and two commercial buildings. We’ll also discuss the challenges of impostor syndrome and money management, as well as the importance of industry experience and financial security. Join us as we explore the transition from instability to wealth and what it takes to achieve financial success in real estate.

About  Nicole Rueth

During the course of her 22 years as a mortgage lending expert, Nicole has earned the title of top morgage originator in the state of Colorado. She shares conversations, classes, and education around helping people build wealth through real estate. She also had the incredible opportunity of helping all three of her kids buy their first home at age 21.

Growing up, Nicole had a single mom and they were on food stamps. The family was moving all the time, and survival was the word, not wealth. Money was a word that they used whether they had it or not. Nicole’s mom did an incredible job as a single woman, but the redirection towards career took a very jagged path which didn’t create stability. It created high highs and low lows, but not a train of a single stability that the children could count on.

Through college, Nicole had to balance going to school, which was important, and overcoming the balance of debt and staying afloat. Her first career was also a struggle, and she did not find true stability until she married her husband, bought their first home, and had their first kid all within 18 months.

Going from unstable to stable and then building wealth was a huge learning curve for Nicole. She struggled with impostor syndrome and feeling like she didn’t earn her success. Owning that money piece of it was also a challenge, but she has learned to own what that is to her and what retirement looks like. All too often, women tend to push money to the side and let their husbands take care of it. Nicole and her husband used to under-spend what we were making out of fear that it would go away just as quickly as it came. They would put that money in savings, but have since learned to navigate the highs and lows of the industry.

Transition from Instability to Wealth

Over the years, I have learned to own my success and the money that comes with it. I now teach others about the opportunities that real estate can provide for building wealth and encourage them to own their financial future.

As a strong woman, I have faced impostor syndrome and struggled with owning my success and money. However, through my experience, I have learned the importance of owning what money means to me and how it is invested. I have also learned to not under-spend and to put money in savings to prepare for any potential volatility and changes in the industry.

In my classes and conversations, I emphasize the opportunities that real estate provides for building wealth and creating a retirement that one can count on. I believe that it is crucial to have financial security and stability, especially in the current market.

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