New Year, New Money Mindset

by | Jan 25, 2022

New Year, New You, right? Ummmmmm……not necessarily. It’s tempting to decide that January first is the day you’ll finally become a perfect unicorn, and you subconsciously know that by January 2nd it’s not going to happen. Here’s what I think.  You’re already awesome, the new year is a great time to hit the reset button.  Start over.  Let’s start working on your new year new money mindset. When you take action towards your goal and work on your mindset, that’s where the magic starts to happen. Unicorn magic ignite!

New Year, New Money Mindset to Support your NYRs 

‘Money mindset’ is a term used to describe the overall attitude or viewpoint that you have about your finances and money. It’s from this viewpoint that the majority of your financial decisions are being made–big, small, and everything in between. For a deeper look into the overall concept of your money mindset, head to this blog. According to Northwestern Mutual, 70% of Americans say their financial planning needs work – and money is top of mind for a lot of people going into 2022. 

The difference between a resolution and a mindset is a big one. With resolutions, there is a clear, or sometimes not-so-clear, goal. They are usually big, blanket statements that we’ve said so many years in a row, they start to lose power. Mindsets go deeper than that. They represent our unconscious attitudes and emotions. And when it comes to chasing our New Year’s Resolutions, our mindset has a lot to do with how successful we’ll be. If we’re only at the end of January and already struggling to keep up with those new year goals, it may be time to take a look at where our mindset is at. 

Grab That Growth Mindset 

Develop affirmations that work for you! Affirmations are positive self-messages that reinforce your WHY. Things like: “I am worthy of saving money for my future” and “money comes easily to me” are a couple of suggestions to kick off some brainstorming. But make sure the affirmations you choose to say every day resonate with YOU, and that you connect with what you’re saying to yourself. Write down your affirmations and use them on a regular basis. 

Get that gratitude going! Gratitude is the basis for a growth/abundance mindset because we attract what we are thankful for and focus on. If you don’t have money now, that’s okay! Be grateful for the money that is coming to you, and for all the other amazing things happening in your life right now—no matter how small they might seem. That’s the flow you want to encourage as you face your resolutions head-on.  

Find your community! Humans are social animals (which is why the pandemic was so hard on some people). We crave to be around like-minded people to reinforce our mindset and ideas. Just make sure that the community you choose is one that is GOOD for your mindset. And if they aren’t good for your mindset or mental health, it’s time to find a better tribe. After all, you’re not in this alone, so there’s no need to go at it alone either. 

No matter what your goals are for the 2022 New Year, we still have 11 months to make it happen! And my community is here for you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a supportive group of women to support your money goals this year, join mine. If you are looking for help getting your $hit together or learning how to invest your money going forward, sign up for my next GIT Elevated Money Course today. 

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