Leaning into Your Money Dreams 

by | Nov 28, 2022

If someone were to ask you today to describe your wildest dreams, what would be your answer? In your ideal world, what does your most fulfilling financial life look like? If any of your answers feel too bold, I get it.  I have laughed at my own money dreams.  I’ve listened to the itty bitty shitty committee inside my head.  And I’ve worked really hard the past six years to lean into my dreams.  Today, I’m inviting you to rethink the voice in your head telling you to think small, be small, feel small and live small. It is absolutely possible to create the life that you want and the relationship with money that you want. Whether you are a total beginner when it comes to handling your finances, or you have had some experience and challenges, you can transform your money life. Where do you start?  Learn how to take new action.

Build Your Financial Foundation 

No matter where you are on your financial journey, you can always hit the reset button and start to move in a new direction.  Always.  I love telling the story of my 70-year-old money mentor, Denna.  She started her life over at 65 years old.  When she had the courage to get the support she needed with money, she left her dead-end part-time job, started building a financial foundation, and today she’s doubled her income and is living the dream of living part-time in Washington.  At the age of 70!!!   Want a new life?  Want money in savings?  Want to leave your spouse?  Want your kids to have a better future? Want to feel free from financial stress?  It starts here:  build a solid foundation.  I’m guessing you’re here because you are ready to change something, you just don’t know how.  Building a solid foundation is as simple (although not always easy!) as learning how to track your finances.  

Studies show that 83% of people that set financial goals feel better about their finances after just one year. Creating specific goals helps you get clear and stay focused. Without a game plan, you end up working in crisis mode, and that’s probably where you’ve been operating from your entire life.  When you simply track your money, you can regain confidence slowly.  Take it from the Navy SEALS teams, slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.  It’s the same with money.

Everyone has different reasons or motivations with money.  The comparison game is killing you slowly financially.   First step – learn how to track your money.  Second step – get into a relationship with your own personal money goals.  You can’t skip over this step.  If the goals you have financially aren’t real to you, or they are based on what others are telling you to do or have, you’ll sabotage yourself over and over again.  Want to own a house, invest some of your money, give back to your community, save up for your kids’ future? Whatever it is (and there will probably be lots of ideas that bubble up), it’s time to get it down to paper and make it real. Take ten minutes RIGHT NOW to write out that dream financial life. 

What’s driving your money dreams? Is it stability or your kid’s stability? Do you want to help others, make the world a better place, spread kindness? Focusing on your why helps you stay in your most authentic voice throughout the entire process. Your money dreams are a reflection of your real dreams. 

Building your dream life takes time.  Joining forces with a support system to help you create that road map and take meaningful action is the third piece of the equation you need to build a foundation. If you’ve ever tried to put together Ikea furniture without looking at the instructions only for it to take twice as long, then you know what I’m talking about. Instead of spending precious time stuck on a step or stuck in your own head, having support from professionals and experts who can guide your way is a game changer. There’s less of a chance for self-doubt to creep in, and together you can course-correct in real-time to make your money dreams come true sooner rather than later. 

Setting smart goals for money requires some specifics so that you can measure your results. This increases the likelihood that you’ll actually make those dreams come true. Build the following factors into your goals: 

Specific details – for example, I will raise my credit score to 725 by next year. 

Measurable factors that you can track to make sure you’re achieving them 

Attainable goals that, even at a stretch, are actually doable

Relevant to your Why and your overall money dreams
Time-bound so that you have a structure to follow

The more specific your goals are, the better they will work towards getting you where you truly want to go in your money life. Those financial decisions add up to create not just the foundation, but the whole blueprint for your direction and dreams. Having these specifics can help you figure out not only where you’re going, but also provide important celebration points along the way! 

Joining forces with a community can be a money dreams gamechanger

Community is a huge part of making your money dreams come true. Not only can you connect with people who understand what you’re going through, but you can get some peace of mind knowing that you are not facing this alone. Instead of feeling like a clumsy newbie, you can level up faster by borrowing knowledge from others who have been there before. Share your experiences with a supportive community who can cheer you on and keep you motivated. You’re not in this alone, so you don’t have to experience it alone, either. If you are looking for help getting your $hit together or learning how to invest the money you have, join my community and get started with a Money Mindset prep course today. 

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