Making Investments That Last Beyond The Current Trend

by | May 26, 2021

Few trends last forever. Like that denim jacket from the 90’s still hanging in your closet, they do come back – sometimes. When it comes to investing, you want something that lasts longer than the latest trend. Think about the longterm game instead of the new shiny investment opportunity (Hello, Dogecoin?). Investing can be trendy, but the investments you make should be well thought out.

Making Investments That Last 

The pandemic has put us through lots of challenges over the past year, showing us just how quickly things can change. Now that more places are opening up, what will be the next big trend? You’ll never be 100% sure (unless you have a crystal ball)! But what you can be sure about is choosing to make investments that will last. Consider starting with a few of the following options. 

Tried and True Ways to invest in Yourself

  • Hire a business, lifestyle, or money coach
  • Take a class or go back to school 
  • Learn a new craft or skill
  • Start a side-hustle 
  • Enroll in your employers’ retirement plan (like a 401k)
  • Put money in your own retirement account (like a Roth IRA)
  • Dip your toes into real estate investing by making plans to purchase your first home, condo or townhouse
  • Find simple and easy to use investing apps like Ellevest and Acorns to find safe and simple ways to learn how to invest

You’ll notice that not every item on the list is about money. Some items, like learning a new craft or starting your own side-hustle, can cost very little to no money to get started. But they will cost you time – which is just as valuable (if not more valuable!) than money. 

Depending on your career and life goals, some investments will cost more money and take more time than others. It is up to us to choose which investments to make, and it’s okay to not make every investment right now. It’s actually not practical to invest in a bunch of things at once. Start small and see how big you can make it grow. 

Home Buying Report: Millennial Couple Edition  surveyed 500 millennials across the country, and found that 22% of millennials haven’t purchased a home yet, but 47% of that group wishes they had. The primary reason they haven’t purchased a home is they see it as being too expensive. The great thing about investing is that it makes the big goals possible – you can purchase that home! You can turn your side-hustle into a career. You can prepare for retirement. 

Investing in Yourself is Trendy 

Investing isn’t just about improving your career. Making the right investments right now can improve your happiness and wellbeing for years to come. Invest in yourself through exercise, time with friends and family, traveling, meeting new people. Take the time to discover what makes you happy and invest time in those activities (even if they’re not so trendy right now).  

There are so many ways to start investing, even if you don’t have a lot of extra money in the bank. If you are looking for help getting your $hit together or learning how to invest the money you have, join my tribe and take my Money Mindset Prep course. Moving up in your money game is so much easier when you’re not alone. Let’s get investing together! 

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