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by | Feb 28, 2023

Real Money Podcast – Lindsey Paoli

About Lindsey

The NUMBER ONE REASON you aren’t reaching your financial potential? YOUR BRAIN. Today’s show is about how you can brain hack your way to financial success. Lindsey Paoli can help you hack your brain. As a mind performance coach, she helps corporate professionals reach the best + most productive versions of themselves by learning to take care of their mind first. Through her signature MINDFUL Formula, Lindsey consults on how to establish the daily fundamentals: Movement, Intention, Nourishment, Deep Connections, Fresh Air, Unplugging, and Learning to take control of your brain and become your greatest self. Lindsey is a keynote speaker, corporate performance coach + contributing author for the bestselling book, Living A Legacy. Her expertise has been featured on national news, including the Daily Flash, American Trends and in publications including ABC, NBC, Marketwatch, Thrive Global, Shoutout LA, and more!

Mind Fundamentals

THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN! If you don’t know Lindsey Paoli you need to listen to this episode.

What would happen if every woman (and man) on this planet had the freedom to be herself? “Big IDGAF energy!!”

Money keeps us tied to an idea of what life “should be like” vs. what do you want your life to look like!??!!??

Is money stopping you from living authentically???

Here are the key takeaways:

1. If you only go to therapy when life gets bad, you keep the cycle going. You don’t break the cycle. Mind fundamentals help you stay connected and present. MINDFUL: Movement, Intention, Nourishment, Deep connection, Fresh Air, Unplugging, and Learning every day.

2. You have to work on your mental health to have a healthy relationship with money.

3. Money is feedback to anything that isn’t working in your life. PAY ATTENTION to it.

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