Indya Ford

by | Jun 22, 2023

About Indya

In this episode, Lisa talks to Indya Ford, a published author, success coach, and certified life coach. Indya shares her personal journey of going through the family court system and experiencing parental alienation, which led her to write a book about it. She also discusses her passion for finance, the importance of teaching children about finances, and her determination to provide for her children without relying on public assistance. She also touches on various topics such as going back to school after having children, starting a business, surrounding oneself with genuine people, the healing process, and the importance of personal fulfillment. The pair also discuss the significance of pausing and prioritizing self-care, setting boundaries, financial literacy, and making informed decisions about homeownership. Indya encourages listeners to pursue their dreams and surround themselves with the right people.

The Real Money Podcast is hosted by Lisa Chastain, a personal finance coach that teaches women how to own their financial journey without using budgets.

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