Glenda Compton

by | Mar 16, 2023

Real Money Podcast – Glenda Compton

About Glenda

Glenda began reinventing herself in her 50’s. As an herbalist, she supports women in reproductive health and she’s on a mission to live her healthiest spiritual, mental, and physical health. Glenda is no stranger to financial exhaustion. She’s worked minimum wage jobs her whole life, raised 4 kids, and now as a widow, she’s learning what it means to just be in the present moment. This episode is for all of the grandmothers out there who are seeking “what’s next” in their lives. It’s never too late, and Glenda is here to tell you why.

Episode Recap

It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too late to live your best life.

Who cares what society says! In this episode, we’re saying that life starts in your 50’s.

My guest, Glenda Compton, has raised 4 children and her life has been filled with ups and downs. She recently became a widow and has spent the last year really figuring out what this next chapter of her life will be. Before she became a widow she moved from working at Starbucks part-time to opening her own business. She has a voracious appetite for living life and in her 60’s she’s paving the way for her daughters to break generational trauma and financial scarcity through her own healing. This is a great conversation for any woman who is starting over. Join us!

Glenda talks about starting over later in life which can be really scary. Watch How I Took The Leap From Journalist to Entrepreneur with Patranya Bhoolsuwan to hear another scary jump!

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