Get It Together Challenge Breakdown

by | Apr 13, 2021

After everything we’ve been through these past 15 months, the world is opening back up and it’s the perfect time to Get It Together. And by It, I mean your journey to financial stability, A.K.A. Getting your $hit together. Having your $hit together means that you’ve got a solid foundation and grasp of what’s happening with your money. Your money mindset and your money personality make a big impact on your bank account.  And I know first hand that changing that mindset and forming new healthy money habits is easier said than done!  That’s what this money course is all about: making it easy to finally Get Your $hit Together! 

Get it Together Online Money Course

Boost your Money Mindset and Your Bank Account

The Get It Together course is the jumpstart your money mindset and bank account need. I created this program because you’re going to be way more successful by having support and accountability!  My program includes an exclusive community, coaching videos you can watch again and again, and all the tangible tools you need to achieve financial stability and make it a lifestyle. 

Before you start investing, saving for your future, or even making strides toward your big goals and dreams (aka – homeownership, traveling the world, leaving your job and starting your non-profit), you’ve got to have your $hit together. With this simple money course, you will learn how to start making savvy choices monthly and ultimately feel like you’re in control of your money.  

Get it Together Benefits 

  • Embrace a healthy Money Mindset. 
  • Start looking at your money with clarity instead of fear!
  • Create financial stability with tangible tools and guidance from me every step of the way.
  • You will lay the groundwork to finally get on top of your bills AND spending so that you can stop going into debt and reverse the cycle of paying interest!

Get It Together for Financial Success Steps 

  1. Know your money.

You have to know your money in order to grow your money. The first step in this money course is to stop avoiding the stuff that you’ve been avoiding (em hem – you know what I’m talking about). Not only are you going to get to know your money in a new way – which can be fun – I promise! – you’re going to learn what your money personality is.  Once you know your money personality, we will walk through the money basics (the stuff I had no idea about when I graduated college) and I’m going to explain it in language that makes sense and is easy to follow.  

  1. Know what you make, spend, and keep.

Once you know your money, it’s time to understand what you make, spend and keep every month. I have an easy KIS (Keep It Simple) worksheet to break it down for you. When it’s all said and done, step back and be honest with yourself on your spending habits. Without clarity, you’ll feel like a hot mess. And this program… it’s all about clarity. 

  1. Tracking your Money – the why.

Tracking your money is not about not spending your money. It’s about being more conscientious about where you spend your money. What could be possible if you spent your money differently? What could be possible if you stop restricting yourself to budgets but still achieve financial stability? Tracking is the change you need. Tracking gives you CHOICES. And it can be simple. I promise.  

  1. Tracking Your Money – the how. 

Tracking your money and looking at your spending takes courage. But that’s what it takes to feel financially stable. This money course gives you the opportunity to track your money without pulling your hair out. With a couple of simple tracking tools, you can make tracking your money a habit that actually sticks. 

  1. Spending basics.

How you spend your money is how you live your life. The home you live in, the car you drive, the things you do for fun – it’s all connected to spending. In the Get It Together money class, we will walk through your current spending habits, the priorities in your life, and how much money you’re spending on needs versus wants. This step is all about helping you spend your money more authentically.

  1. Organizing your Money to Control Your Spending 

Feeling good is temporary. Inspiration is temporary. I am about more than that. Life changes when you take Consistent Committed Action. If you aren’t where you thought you’d be by now, there’s still time! We can always course correct. But the key to course-correcting is ACTION!

  1. Tracking your Money – keeping it simple

My simple money tracker is an easy way to start writing down what you’re making, what your spending, and what you’re saving. The Simple Money Tracker has all the formulas you need to get detailed without getting overwhelmed. Because the key to making it work is to keep it simple. 

  1. Next Steps

Laying a foundation to managing your money is essential to creating a life where you are not only financially stable – you’re thriving! You need the foundation to be ready for the next steps in your financial journey. If you think you are ready to level up your finances, join my community today.

A Money Course with a Money Coach who knows how to get you results!

My mission is to support millennial women in getting their $hit together one step at a time. Helping women go from living paycheck to paycheck to achieving the financial freedom they dreamed of is my goal and my passion. I built my life on coaching, mentoring, and advising millennials for over 20 years. I started with many of the same money struggles and made many of the same money mistakes in my journey. I understand how tough it can be to get your $hit together without support or tools, because I’ve been there! 

If you are ready to take action towards getting your $hit together, join the Get It Together money mindset and bank account jumpstart course. Get the tools, the coaching, and the support you need and are worthy of with this money course!  Struggling with money alone can feel crappy. But working through it together can make an impossible task seem a little easier to manage and conquer. Let’s tackle those money problems together

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