Financial Coaching With Lisa Chastain

by | Aug 31, 2023

Live Financial Coaching

This Real Money episode features four live financial coaching sessions with Lisa Chastain. Lisa has conversations with four women who share their stories and lessons about their relationships with money. The women discuss topics such as starting over after divorce, facing financial difficulties, bankruptcy, and the desire to thrive as entrepreneurs. Lisa Chastain provides coaching and guidance throughout the conversations, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection, breaking old patterns, and embracing personal growth. The video also discusses the importance of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, letting go of limiting beliefs, and seeking help and mentorship to achieve financial success.

Starting Over at 48

Lisa’s first guest strikes a conversation about personal growth and financial habits. The woman reflects on her past patterns of constantly moving, changing jobs, and spending impulsively. She expresses a desire to break these patterns and become more stable and mindful in her financial decisions after her sudden divorce. She also mentions her interest in learning about finance and using her knowledge to help others. The conversation touches on the importance of self-reflection, breaking old patterns, and embracing personal growth. Lisa offers support and guidance, emphasizing that her guest is not broken and does not need fixing. She encourages the woman to shift her mindset and affirm her completeness. The conversation ends with Lisa giving her guest the assurance of support in her financial journey.

Going From Survival to Thriving

The second guest today shares her story and her mission to provide resources for type 1 diabetics and their families, as she believes there is a lack of support in this area. The woman also discuss her struggle with holding onto money, even though it comes to her, and how it has affected her ability to fulfill her mission. She shares that she has felt unworthy of having money since she was eight years old and has a tendency to give it away. She expresses a desire to shift this mindset in order to take care of herself and make her mission a reality. Lisa offers both financial coaching as well as mindset shifts and suggests that the woman needs to let go of her belief that she is not worthy and embrace her true self. Lisa emphasizes the importance of not holding onto her old story and stepping into her full potential. Their conversation concludes with Lisa highlighting the relevance of this lesson for her guest, as well as others who may be watching or listening.

Breaking Through Bankruptcy

Lisa’s third guest is a woman who is here discussing personal growth and overcoming bankruptcy. The woman reflects on her past, that her culture instilled in her, as a warrior-like individual who fought for success but now wants to embrace a more Zen and holistic approach. Lisa challenges her to fully let go of her past and commit to never experiencing bankruptcy again. She emphasizes the importance of being a warrior and champion in one’s own life, and the need to build a team and seek guidance. Her guest shares her financial goals and plans to launch new projects in the coaching industry. Lisa encourages her to think bigger and set audacious goals. They discuss the challenges of making money through events and suggests having a business on the back end. Lisa advises investing in the right people and paying oneself while reinvesting in the business. She stresses the importance of finding mentors and role models to learn from.

No More One-Woman Shows

The final guest of today’s live financial coaching session is a woman with various business ventures and the challenges she faces in managing them. She is involved in businesses related to flowers, photography, and bike rentals. She expresses concerns about balancing her time and attention between these ventures and generating passive income. The guest also mentions feeling overwhelmed and unsure about focusing on one thing. Lisa suggests that she may be afraid of not being successful and advises her to seek help and invest in people to make her businesses thrive. The woman admits to not having much knowledge about business finance and expresses a desire for education and mentorship. She also mentions having many ideas and wanting to make millions from them. Lisa emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself and making one venture successful before expanding to others. The woman expresses a desire for financial freedom and the ability to travel while still being involved in her businesses.

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