Finance Barbie

by | Aug 24, 2023

The Empowerment of Barbie

In this YouTube video, Lisa, a self proclaimed Finance Barbie, discusses the impact of the Barbie movie on women’s empowerment and the importance of financial independence. Growing up, Lisa played with Barbies and admired the idea of being oneself, but also recognized the lack of empowering conversations around body image and success. She knows that the time for women to take control of their finances is now, especially with the Barbie movie promoting self-acceptance and empowerment. Lisa encourages women to become leaders in finance and emphasizes the need to have a holistic approach to money. She urges women to know their money, be in control of it, and have open conversations about finances, even in partnerships or marriages. Lisa believes that every woman has the ability to own and control her money, and it is time for women to live the life they desire. She calls for collaboration among women to ensure everyone thrives financially and beyond.

About Lisa

Lisa is a money coach that is helping all women create a healthy relationship with money through her Stop Budgeting System in which she emphasizes to women that they need to: stop budgeting, build wealth, and spend guilt free. Today is the time for women to band together and create a better financial situation. There is a ton of money coming in for women in this next decade, let’s make it work for us.

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