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Money Moves

In-Person & Virtual Event

So many of us feel intimidated by money, so we choose to hide from it instead. And because we do, money winds up ruling our lives. If you’re ready to stop letting money control your life, to leave behind the stress, guilt and shame that money brings into your life… Then it’s time to join me at MONEY MOVES. Your money mindset impacts everything and this full-day event will help you recognize your money type, improve your money mindset, and connect with my community of savvy women. Together, we can start to make the right money moves and kick start your journey to a better financial future.

Next Event is November 12, 2022

GIT Online

Online Course  – Go at your own pace

Get it Together Online is an 8-part course that is designed to help you develop the mindset and habits proven to create a financially secure lifestyle and keep it that way! The highlights of this course include methods and tools to transform your money mindset, pay your bills on time, create a financially secure future, get the tools you need to succeed, and finally find support to rise higher. Take this course whenever you’d like from our private online community. Get started today to jumpstart your money mindset and bank account.

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If you’re ready to be ACCOUNTABLE:

GIT Elevated

6-week group course

If you are ready for the next step in your financial journey, and ready to get serious about your numbers and your behaviors, GIT Elevated is the right program for you. Join me and my team of money mentors in this 6-week virtual group course. We will start to apply all the right money tools so you can easily track where your money is going every month, and begin to plan for the future. Throughout this money course, you will elevate your financial life by learning how to ditch the budget approach, identify and squash your limiting beliefs, and set financial goals that will help you live a life that you love!

Next Course begins November 15, 2022


Exclusive Program

My Savvy 12-month program is designed for women who are ready to get SAVVY and have new results in their financial lives. You know the basics and you are applying savvy money moves in your daily life. Now is the time to elevate your financial future. In this program, you will work directly with me and my team of money mentors to raise your net worth, learn from experts in the industry, create a plan to get out of debt, PLUS become a member of my exclusive community that will absolutely change your life.

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