Achieving Financial Independence Is Easier than You Think

by | Feb 10, 2021

Millennial women are often the hardest hit by financial burdens. Lack of robust parental leave policies, rising tuition costs and other economic inequities like our historic pay gap have made it difficult for women to access and build wealth. 

As a financial coach, my driving purpose is to find ways to financially empower Millennial women and help them achieve financial independence. In this post I want to share why I firmly believe working with a financial coach can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to regain control of your money. 

A Challenging Economic Landscape

Individuals in any age group can face money problems and, trust me, I know. Not so long ago, I faced these same challenges and found myself burning through savings, searching for viable ways to make a financial comeback. Encouraged by what I learned along the way, I was inspired to help other Millennial women understand how they could maximize their potential through strategic investments. 

The results were rewarding – so much so I even wrote a best-selling book about it called “Girl, Get Your $hit Together!” In it, I talk about how becoming financially stable is easier than it seems when you use the proven methods I’ve developed.

Proven Methods for Financial Growth & Security

One thing I know for sure is that achieving financial independence and success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The incredible tribe of women I work with are a testament to that! Together, we tackle financial challenges confidently and with positive reinforcement. We do it primarily through two of my teaching systems:

  • My 5A Coaching System establishes a creative process and learning environment where women can develop new ways of considering their financial status, where they want to be and, most importantly, how they can break the cycle of repeating past mistakes.
  • The KISS (“Keep It Strategically Simple”) System uses coaching and mentoring to better help clients evaluate the ways they’re investing their time and money. A combination of personal and professional growth, KISS aims to make it easy to attain a happier overall lifestyle through assessment and effective financial strategies.

Is Financial Coaching Your Key to Success?

If you’ve been struggling to get your financial $hit together on your own, or you’re tired of following advice that leads to financial dead ends, now is not the time to give up on your financial dreams! I’m here to tell you financial independence and stability is within your reach.

I would love to show you how simple it can be to get started on realizing your financial goals without losing sight of who you truly are. Because it’s virtually impossible to make changes for the better without knowing where you currently are, we start with a quick quiz that lets you see for yourself what your financials look like right now. We then move on to actionable advice on how to flip the switch to a more positive, viable direction that gives you a whole new outlook on your financial life.

Ready to get going on reaching peak financial performance? Start with reading “Girl, Get Your $hit Together!” where you’ll gain valuable secrets, insights and easy-to-employ, non-traditional tips that will surpass the previous advice you’ve received that simply isn’t working. Join my tribe today, and learn everything it takes to do better with your money. I can’t wait to meet you!

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