In 2024: Stop Budgeting, and Start Living.

Let’s face it, budgeting sucks.

And, it is absolutely NOT necessary.

This is THE workshop for you if you’re ready to stop stressing about money so that you can actually start LIVING.

I’m going to teach you what you must do differently with your money right now so that you can get off the struggle bus forever. 

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1 Hour Live Course

Designed to help you stress less and without the anxiety of putting together budget after budget… just to feel even more stressed and have even less money than you did before you began.

I’m going to ask you to borrow my belief that it is possible to  

and never touch a budget again in your life.

In this course I’m going to show you how.


  Your Money Personality is more important than a budget.  Why?

Chances are you probably know your Myers-Briggs type or maybe even your Enneagram number. I sure do! (Can you guess it?)

These tests are important because they help you understand aspects of yourself that help you and on the other side might be hurting you. 

It’s exactly the same thing when it comes to money.

It’s more important that you understand who you are with money before you try to implement a strict budget or game plan.

The shame, guilt, anxiety and stress you’re feeling about your finances revolves completely around your relationship with money (a.ka. your money personality).

Each of us are different and have totally different beliefs, priorities and values surrounding the way we like to spend (or not), earn, and save. 

YOUR Money Personality influences ALL financial decisions you make!  Knowing who you are and how to operate accordingly is UBER important in setting yourself up to win.  

Your Money Personality is just one element I’ll be covering in this workshop.

Others include:


Why people are ditching the budget and what you can do instead that's actually much more effective


What guilt-free spending is, and what you can do right now to have it for yourself


How to feel like you have more money instantly without changing a thing!

You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. 

READY FOR A MONEY MAKEOVER?  You’ve got to join me.

You’ll get all the tools you need in real-time. I’ll help you to roll up your sleeves, and learn how to stop budgeting immediately. This no-shame, fresh, and new perspective on money will help you get the new year started feeling more financially free than ever.

I know what it’s like to feel financially burnt out. That ends in 2024.

Are you with me??

Instant watch session available. Join now!

I consent to receiving emails and/or text message reminders for this event.

What Women are Saying

“Lisa’s stop budgeting system is so much easier than I would have ever thought.”

– Sonia Petkewich

“I now have healthy money habits that will last through the ups and downs of life.”

– Susan Schultz

“I feel like I’m in total control of my financial life because of the stop budgeting system.”

– Casey Jade

– Kim Schaaf

– Lisa Kerwin

– Kristi Weidauer

About Me:

Hey! I’m Lisa, I’ve been in the money industry for over a decade. I’m on a mission help amazing women like you kick financial shame and guilt to the curb.

I know first hand what it’s like to struggle financially.  I nearly lost everything in my 30’s.  I went through a divorce and had to rebuild my life.

After becoming a financial advisor in 2014 (which I no longer am), I learned that the number one key to my financial success is my mindset. 

And, everything I thought was true about money was a lie.  

Forget about boring budgeting—as a trainer in Neurolinguistic programming, rewiring your money mindset and giving you the tools to spend wisely while still enjoying life’s experiences is what I’m here to do.

My three-account system? It’s like a roadmap to living without the stress, no matter where you’re starting from or where you want to go. With me by your side, you can watch your savings grow, pay bills stress-free, and still treat yourself.

Let’s make wealth-building fun and empowering for you. Together, we’ll boost your confidence and take charge of your financial future!


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